Firstly, I must confess I know more about the 2 rugby codes than other football codes, so please humour me.

Years ago, positions and the role played by people in those positions were truly defined and distinguished from each other. Front rowers weren’t expected to step off either foot, let alone two, nor throw a cut out pass, nor catch a stray pass at their feet. Today they are, and guess what, those at the top level, do.

Business has gone this way too.

The terms ‘front office’ and ‘back office’ are becoming less relevant.

Thinking you can work behind the scenes in an analytical role, without being asked to front the board or a client to explain your findings is seriously dangerous to an individual’s career progression. Just like the football players being required to be multi dimensional and multi skilled, so are people in the workplace.

Having the confidence, skill and DESIRE to engage and speak up is becoming a prerequisite in business to being valued by others, and being valuable to ourselves.

Being a silent technical expert will not serve anyone well.

Yes nerds rule in many places, but only nerds who can engage. Does that mean they’re not really nerds? Now there’s a topic for you to present on!

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